Custom Stock Phrasing On WooCommerce Single Product Page

One of the main things I enjoy as I learn more about WooCommerce is how impactful small PHP snippets can be for a specific requirement. Like always, I’m sharing what I learn as I learn. Let’s change the stock phrasing on the Single Product page…


OpenLampTech issue #63 – Substack Repost

With so much content online today, how do you find the ‘good stuff’ for a certain topic? While I can’t answer for other niches, if you’re interested in MySQL, PHP, and the LAMP stack, well, you already know the answer. Thank you for reading OpenLampTech!


Change Related products Description in WooCommerce

I am trying my hand at small WooCommerce customizations in a development/testing environment setting in order to learn more about this e-Commerce solution and ultimately put my PHP skills to use. In this article, I am exploring 2 different ways to change the ‘Related products’ wording description on the Single Product page to something else of your choosing. Learn something new with me!

This article and many to follow, are part of a series of articles I am writing and sharing as I learn new concepts when I learn them. I think of it as a duty in sharing the things I learn as a self-taught developer. We all need to support one another as we continue to learn and grow. #buildinpublic #learninpublic #indiehackers #developer