15 Exciting SQL Project Ideas & Topics for Beginners – 2021

In this era of technology, an aspiring student of computer science has to know SQL programming language. While learning SQL, you will observe that it is being used almost in every website development because it helps in simplifying the data silos. Once you have learned this programming language, it is better to try new and easy real-life projects to sharpen your SQL skills. While working on them, you will hone your SQL and get a chance to sharpen your soft skills, such as problem-solving.

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What is SQL?

The Structured Query Language or SQL is a programming language that manages and deals with data held for the relational database management system or processes that data. SQL statements such as “SELECT”, ” INSERT”, “UPDATE”, etc. Such common statements are used to deal with everything in a database.

As we have discussed SQL, it would be better to check out the topics and projects you can use as a beginner.

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15 Project Ideas for Beginners

These projects will help you to understand SQL better so that you can master SQL as a beginner:

1) Book store inventory Management System 

This project aims to come up with a method to give and view various books under one category. It is an easy and thrilling project in which a user can check all the books available online, and your system will reduce the book count from the book store inventory. To make it more user-friendly, you can add filters to look for a particular book, genre, and author. 

2) Online Retail Application Database

This is the most common database that everyone is using; various e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc., use SQL to access customers’ data, which is why it is the most common project among beginners. You can also create such an application on the internet, in which various customers can register and purchase products online.

3) Bank Database Management System 

This SQL project is all about gathering the pieces of information regarding banks. In this banking database, you have to manage all the information of employees and customers. Such as their contact details, daily transactions, bank statements, etc. The banking database management system is an application that allows customers to perform basic transactions with the help of their phone or an automated bank machine or via the internet. With the help of this SQL project, you can ease the work of bank employees. Also, you will help the customers too.

4) Centralized College Database

In a college, there are various teachers under several departments such as there would be a department of history, department of science and other such departments for all the subjects. And there will be some teachers, who will be teaching two subjects at a time. However, with the use of SQL, you can track the database of teachers, departments, and students.

5) E-Ticket Booking Database System

This project is one of the most popular projects among beginners. In this database, you will enable the users to book their tickets online, and you can choose your domain such as Air tickets, Railway tickets, etc. For example, you have chosen Air tickets. In this system, users can easily book their tickets online. However, make sure to block those already booked seats so as not to create any confusion among users. And cover other details such as the airport name, route details, airline, and customer’s details.

6) Payroll Management System

This one is the most common and most preferred project among students, as it is used in almost every organization globally. This SQL database will organize an organization’s monthly payment, taxes, name, benefits, etc. This particular SQL project will give you insights into the payroll system which every industry uses.

7) Hospital Management System

This database will make your store and manage the functioning of a hospital. You will have to store various details and also have to create a unique identity of patients, doctors, wardrooms, and so on. It will be designed in such a way that only administrators will be allowed to control it. Also, every activity in the hospital will have separate modules. This will enable a hospital to carry out a systematic approach.

8) Customer Order Management Database System

In this database system, you can manage the orders of the customers. Users who have listed themselves in this database can manage their orders by organizing the products they have bought and the ones that are yet to be delivered. In this SQL project, two columns will be made- customers and orders. The order table can have multiple orders from the same customer ID also. It will help users to track and manage their orders.

9) LyFi

This project is suitable for creative heads. You can create a system in which the lights of a house are managed over wifi via a mobile application. It is user-friendly and helps users control their house’s lights by sitting on their couches and using phones. LyFi is used for switching lights on/off, and also for dimming the household lights. It can be used for controlling other appliances also. 

10) Carbon Emissions Calculator

You can contribute your share in saving our environment by creating a web-based SQL database to calculate the carbon emissions of buildings. This SQL database will calculate carbon emission by using data such as floor area of a building, workdays per year, climate zones, etc. Using the output, we can try to make various changes in the workplace to reduce the overall carbon emissions.

11) Database Interfacing for LabVIEW Robotic Control

If you were looking for a creative SQL project, here is one for you. The LabVIEW is an instrument that uses data to make changes in a robot to make it better at functioning. And here, SQL comes into play. To make such changes to a robot, the data needs to be organized systematically so that it is readily accessible by the program. Hence, SQL databases are made to manage the data conveniently. 

12) A Voice-based Transport Enquiry System

While traveling, you might have noticed a long queue of commuters waiting to answer their queries made by the staff of public transport. Developing an automated inquiry answering system can save a lot of time for the commuters and the staff. You can develop such an automated system for other transport systems like public railways, airports, and bus stands so that commuters will receive commands and answer the queries in a voice-based format. 

13) An SMS-based Remote Server Monitoring System

Such a system is found in huge corporations, organizations functioning at a massive scale to deal with thousands of customers. Such big organizations have call centres that deal with several applications, it becomes difficult to control their functionality. At the time of the crash, to avoid the delay in attending customers and enhance their experience, you can add a web-based solution that can keep an eye on such failures. And automatically send a predetermined message to the list of customers informing them about the crash or down-server. 

14) Inventory Control Management

It is a process of controlling the resources in a warehouse to ensure that the products are available in adequate supply to meet customers’ requirements. You can try to design an Inventory control to manage the available stock in the organization because overstock and understock, both situations are undesirable.

15) Cooking Recipe Portal

Have you ever faced a problem while cooking? This SQL database application will help you while cooking, as various cooking recipes will be saved in it and under several categories. You can try making this database, as it will be practical, and for enhancing the experience, you can add a rating system and comment system for users.


All of the projects above will enhance your critical thinking ability, and you will be able to connect your SQL skills with real-world applications. Try to use such SQL projects, in which you will use the database normalization technique. Take your skills to the next level by doing these projects. To know more about SQL Server, please check out SQL Server Tutorial. Thanks for reading!

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