A “Bookish” Genie Bottle of Fantasy?

What is this? A genie bottle granting me three “bookish” wishes? Count me in!

I saw something similar to this online and decided to list my three “fantasy bookish” wishes. Below are my wishes, in no order of importance.


Number 1: I would have to visit Middle-earth and seek tutelage from the elf Legolas.

J.R.R Tolkien crafted a fantastic elf in Legolas. He has eagle-eye precision when it comes to marksmanship with a bow and his prowess with this ranged weapon is unmatched. My desire to meet and learn from this elf stems from a time during my teenage years, that I spent learning, practicing and hunting with a longbow. I have always had an affinity for archery. Meeting and learning from Legolas would be fantastic. I cannot think of a better fantasy archer to study with. Typically, all of the tabletop role-playing games characters I have played and continue to play, are often chosen with his forte in mind. Twang goes the bowstring!

Number 2: This wish is quite juxtaposed to my previous one, for here I would choose to enter the Forgotten Realms setting to meet (and hopefully survive), that crafty and devious rogue-assassin, Artemis Entreri.

Created by another of my favorite authors, R.A. SalvatoreArtemis Entreri is exactly what I picture as a rogue. Of the numerous heroic characters Salvatore’s mighty pen has graced us with, Artemis Entreri is my favorite. Yes I know he is evil and operates with a horrendous motive along with little regard for anyone other than himself, but bottom line for me is this guy can flat-out fight. Regardless whether his skill is born of hate, anger, greed or time-honored devotion and practice, Entreri is not one to cross blades with. Salvatore’s superb ability to describe a great fight scene with Entreri’s thoughts and motivations in the forefront for readers to digest, make for engaging confrontations that have you ducking for cover. Pointers from Entreri can help anyone hoping to gain skill with a blade. Only if he does not use the wrong point to teach with!

Number 3: My third and final wish would be for Scott Lynch to gamemaster a Burning Wheel game for some of my tabletop gaming friends and I.

Lynch perfectly weaves intrigue and deception like no other. His Gentleman Bastard series showcase some of the finest storytelling of the decade. I devoured all three of the books in the series with a voracious appetite and patiently await the fourth novel to be released. Lynch has a way of hooking you into following from one page to the next, in a hypnotic trance, totally unaware until he decides to expose you to his hidden and crafty agenda. I have no doubt he would run a fun and exciting tabletop game full of challenges blended with character engagement around each twisting turn.

I hope you enjoyed reading my three choices for “fantasy bookish” wishes from a genie. I would love to hear what yours are as well. Thank you for reading.

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