Handy MySQL Date functions with examples.

Date information tracking and storage is integral to companies, services, and applications. Imagine if your employer did not keep up with how many hours you worked? Or which days? Neither party involved could benefit. I’m confident such a company would have vacancies abound. This blog post will visit many of the available date functions offered in MySQL, to assist managing this all-important data type.

Monitor data in MySQL with Cursors and Stored Procedures.

MySQL cursors traverse rows in a table. Okay…but why use them? In this blog post, we will look at a CURSOR within a stored procedure that returns specific records of interest.


Craft up practice data sets with the PostgreSQL generate_series() function

Published the above-titled post¬†right here over on Medium here recently. Reposting it here on Digital Owl’s Prose for you all to check out as well…


Edit existing FOREIGN KEY constraints in PostgreSQL with the ALTER TABLE command.

While setting up a test database on my system, I discovered the need to ALTER existing FOREIGN KEY‘s. Here’s what I studied, learned, and implemented.