Understanding MySQL’s IF() function – with examples.

Conditional logic is integral for just about any application. Most programming languages support some form of if/else construct. MySQL is a dialect of SQL, which is a declarative language. But, it also includes support for conditional flow as do other languages such as Python, PHP, and Java. In this blog post, I will look at the IF() Function for similar if/else type of functionality.

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CTE’s in MySQL – First steps…

Having recently upgraded my learning/development environment to MySQL 8 from version 5.7, I thought to start blogging on a couple of the (many) new fantastic features included in this latest version. With this blog post, I will begin what I plan to be a multi-part series on Common Table Expressions as I learn, explore, and use them…

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SAVEPOINT in MySQL – with examples.

DML or Data Manipulation Commands should be handled with utmost care in SQL for the simple reason they modify the targeted data in some way. Typically, this is via UPDATE or DELETE statements. In this blog post, we will learn how to better protect the data (and ourselves) when running these types of commands by utilizing a SAVEPOINT within a TRANSACTION.

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