Black Wizards

Book two of the Forgotten Realm’s Moonshae Trilogy, Black Wizards is a continuation of the tale of prince Tristan Kendrick of Corwell. Tristan’s father is murders by assassins who are hired by a powerful wizard named Cyndre, who is the loyal servant of the evil god Bhaal. Tristan’s love and Druid in training, Robyn, is away in the Druid’s grove for advanced training when a possessed former Druid approaches her grove with the blacked stone heart of the evil beast from the first novel, Kazgoroth. The grove of Druid’s are attacked by an army of zombies and Robyn is forced to flee. Tristan meanwhile makes his bid to the other lords of the region to be King of Corwell, following in his father’s legacy…
Black Wizards once again is a very good read if you like high fantasy. After reading this novel, I find myself more and more wanting to play a Druid in a tabletop Rpg setting as I never have played that class in my many Pathfinder and D&D 3.5 campaigns (mostly rangers or rogues for me). I feel like that will be remedied in the future. Plenty of magic and battle in this second installment fits nicely with the first novel. Jumping into the third novel now. Enjoy.. \m/


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