CodeIgniter 4 Query Builder union() and unionAll() methods

UNION and UNION ALL set operators return the combined rows from 1 or more SELECT queries. CodeIgniter 4 Query Builder now supports UNION and UNION ALL queries with the $builder->union() and $builder->unionAll() methods respectively. Learn how to create these types of queries in this article.

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Simulate LEAD() Window Function using correlated subquery

In my honest opinion, MS Access is one garbage of a database. More likely, database is too strong of a word. While I won’t be using Access in this article, there is a story there (but I’m not here to have an Access bash party). Continue reading for an example of how you may use a correlated subquery and simulate the LEAD() Window Function.


OpenLampTech issue #53 – Substack Repost

Now that OpenLampTech is one year old, I have a point to prove. That I can consistently provide the MySQL, PHP, and LAMP stack communities with a valuable newsletter publication. Challenge accepted. This week’s issue is full of great content so give it a read! 📚


How To Combine Window Functions in MySQL

Window Functions operate on groups of rows, returning a value for every row in the group, unlike Aggregate Functions which collapse rows into a single value. With the many different Window Functions available, can you combine them at the same level? Learn more in this article.