OpenLampTech issue #56 – Substack Repost

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I can only hope you enjoy reading the OpenLampTech developer newsletter as much as I do. Once again this week we have a fantastic newsletter for you (and me). Enjoy and please share the publication to help spread the word that OpenLampTech is the media coverage for MySQL, PHP, and the LAMP stack landscapes!


OpenLampTech issue #55 – Substack Repost

Welcome back to another issue of OpenLampTech, your media coverage of all things MySQL, PHP, and the LAMP stack ecosystems. We have another fantastic issue for you this week. Be sure you are subscribed to the newsletter so you get it each Friday. Thanks so much for the support!


OpenLampTech issue #54 – Substack Repost

We have another packed issue of OpenLampTech for you this week. And, we have our first sponsor with a smashing deal to help you configure your MySQL servers with ease. Thank you Releem for partnering with OpenLampTech this week!


The OpenLampTech Developer Newsletter is One Year Old

The OpenLampTech developer newsletter is one year old! I honestly don’t know where the past year went. Obviously, I had my nose buried in some fantastic content since OpenLampTech publishes mostly curated newsletters.

I tell you though, don’t think it isn’t a challenge adding your own thoughts and commentary to someone else’s great content because it definitely is.

I plan to continue publishing curated content in OpenLampTech but, also cover tech reporting and news-related topics that are within the MySQL, PHP, and LAMP stack ecosystems.

There seems to always be plenty to talk about in these areas so a shortage of topics won’t be the issue (I don’t think).