How to Retrieve MySQL Last Insert ID in CodeIgniter 4

I use CodeIgniter 4 a great deal for learning, personal projects, and application development. In this post, I cover 2 different methods you can use and retrieve the MySQL Last Insert ID value after executing an INSERT statement in CodeIgniter. Continue reading for more information…


MySQL Table DDL file with phpMyAdmin

If you need a structure only .sql file of a MySQL tables’ Data Definition Language (DDL), phpMyAdmin makes this super-easy with just a few clicks. Continue reading and learn how…



Although I primarily work with MySQL/MariaDB these days on back-end web development projects, I am studying Oracle SQL with the end goal to become certified. I recently watched a great YouTube video and decided to try my hand porting over the Oracle SQL queries to comparable MySQL for a learning exercise. This blog post details the queries I came up with for the end results. Continue reading for some fun recursive CTE’s using the SUBSTRING() character function and interesting output display variations.


MySQL BETWEEN Operator Queries – Are they inclusive?

I recently learned of some odd behavior using MySQL BETWEEN operator queries, filtering by a DATETIME column. I wrote about this over on Medium so I am sharing the post for any readers here who are interested…


MySQL Searched CASE Expression – with examples

During many decision-making phases in programming code (conditional logic), there are times execution depends on several different factors. Multiple conditional tests are powerful and constraining, oftentimes requiring more than one test to be passed in order for program flow to proceed. For MySQL (and standard SQL in general) the CASE expression is used for IF/THEN/ELSE conditional logic. The post, MySQL Simple CASE Expression – with examples, covered Simple CASE queries which are essentially equality tests. MySQL Simple CASE is but one variant of 2, with the other being a MySQL Searched CASE Expression.  A MySQL Searched CASE Expression can have multiple conditional tests in each WHEN clause. These conditional tests can be AND/OR comparisons, BETWEEN value range tests, subqueries, IN() operators, and more. Continue reading to see examples of the MySQL Searched CASE Expression…

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