PostgreSQL TRIGGERS and \copy working in tandem.

After coming off of an injury-ridden June, July turned out to be a more promising (except the sweltering Louisiana heat) month with me getting in plenty of solid hikes as I try to stay active and maintain better weight. I also began tracking my hiking stats a little differently. This blog post will cover how I bulk-uploaded them into my database at months end…

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PostgreSQL Subquery as predicate in WHERE clause.

In Exploring subqueries in PostgreSQL – Column names and expressions, I discussed generating SELECT statement columns and expressions with subqueries. This blog post will visit another common pattern. Subqueries as predicate filters in the WHERE clause.

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Digging into PLpgSQL – Scratching the surface with easy functions.

I’m quite intrigued when it comes to PostgreSQL’s procedural language, PLpgSQL (honestly, SQL stored procedures and functions in general). I’ve grown fond of writing functions on the ‘server-side’, exploring their use and benefit. But what are some things you can do with simple(er) functions? Let’s learn together.


Hacking SQL – Tools, Utilities, and Work flow.

I recently got a great suggestion from a reader over on Medium about sharing my workflow tools when hacking on SQL (mainly PostgreSQL, but sometimes MySQL also), hence here we are in this blog post.