Charon’s Claw: Neverwinter Saga, Book 3 by R.A. Salvatore

Omg!! Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s what I have to say about the third installment of the one and only, greatest of all time, Salvatore’s newest Neverwinter novel. In my opinion (I have been saying it forever as I’ve read all of his work, some multiple times) Salvatore is the best fantasy writer bar none. I will not go into detail so as to not ruin it for anyone who is not caught up on the tale, but as always, Salvatore delivers in full each and every time. Never has this guy let me down (I don’t think it’s possible for him to write crap) and this novel just reaffirms him as top dog in this genre of fantasy. Please throw down what you’re reading and pick up anything by Salvatore. You will not be let down. This one blows the speakers up with purely metal and two horns way up!! \m/ \m/


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