Darkwalker On Moonshae

Darkwalker On Moonshae, book one of the Forgotten Realms, Moonshae Trilogy, is a very good, high fantasy read. If you play Pathfinder or D&D then you can really relate to this book and enjoy it. The tale involves a quest to rid Moonshae Isles of an evil who wants to destroy the goddess and her people, the Druids, who inhabit these lands. The companions of the tale include a world renowned bard, a halfling, a thief, a knight and a Druid (now you tabletop gamers see what I mean) who are later joined by a unicorn, a dragon and a pack of wolves, all called forth by the goddess to fight against savage Northmen barbarians who are controlled by a evil demon named Kazgoroth. I found this book to be a fast read even though many parts seemed to drag just a little but all in all, I look forward to the second novel in the tale. Rating: 7/10
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