Digital Owl’s Prose – Weekly Newsletter Issue #23

I’ve been publishing a weekly newsletter to a very small audience over the last few months. In order to increase my readership and subscribers, I’m going to be sharing the published newsletter here on my blog as well…

Why you should sign up for my weekly newsletter.

  • Consistency – Just as I consistently deliver a weekly blog post here on my blog, you can expect that same level of commitment with my newsletter.
  • A rundown of the weekly blog post I publish here on Digital Owl’s Prose. I’ll talk about what I learned in writing it. What inspired me and anything else on my mind. As a self-taught Developer, other self-starters will relate.
  • I share 2-3 (or more) other blog posts I’m reading and found interesting. Most of these are similar or related to SQL/PHP content. But, expect others on blogging, technical writing, and productivity.
  • In my newsletter, I also share things to come here on the blog. What posts I’m drafting up. The digital products I’m building. Information on any of my many side projects and hustles. Several things that I never mention in the blog posts I publish, you’ll know before other’s who are not subscribed.

Read the current newsletter…

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Josh Otwell has a passion to grow as a PHP Developer, SQL expert, and technical blogger/writer.

Disclaimer: The majority of examples in this post, are performed in a personal development/learning workstation environment and should not be considered production quality or ready. Your particular goals and needs may vary. Like always, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. My opinions are my own.

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