Display SKU on Single Product Page in Shopify

I’m focussing more and more on the Shopify e-Commerce platform so I can learn custom coding solutions and offer them as a freelancer in addition to WooCommerce services. Surprisingly, I see many questions in Shopify forum’s and Facebook groups about displaying a Product’s SKU. Here is one way I learned how…

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Note: In this example, I’m using Dawn theme version 9.0.0 in my Shopify partners account with some generated test data on a testing/development store.

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Unlike WooCommerce, a product’s Stock Keeping Unit, or SKU, is not displayed on the single product page. According to my knowledge, there aren’t any toggles or switches you can tick for it either in the page design settings

Shopify has a Custom liquid block you can add to the product template and place code snippets in.

To do so, follow these steps…

Choose the default product template (or whatever template you have assigned to products) and from the left-hand menu, click Add block and then Custom liquid:

You can then place the product object’s sku property in the Custom liquid block to be displayed.

I’m using an unless conditional block in the event that a product doesn’t have an SKU, nothing will be output to the screen.

You can move (by dragging) the Custom liquid block to a number of places on the single product template. But, for this example, I’m placing it underneath the product price.

Here is the Liquid code to display a product’s SKU, only if it has one:

{% unless product.selected_or_first_available_variant.sku == blank %}
<span class="variant-sku">SKU: {{ product.selected_or_first_available_variant.sku }}</span>
{% endunless %}

When viewing a product with no SKU, the {% unless %} liquid block prohibits any output on the product page because the product.selected_or_first_available_variant.sku == blank conditional evaluates to true:

No SKU is shown for products without one because of the {% unless %} block.
  • This solution only works for products with no variants.
  • Since the Custom liquid block is added to the default product template, all products using this template will have the Custom liquid block.

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If you see any mistake(s) in the code or know of a better working solution, please share freely in the comments section.

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