Elric of Melnibone’

The Elric Saga are five novels written by Michael Moorcock in the early 1970’s. These books are classic sword and sorcery to the core. No prolonged sweeping story arcs here. Straight forward fighting , magic and immediate danger to the hero (or anti hero in Elric’s case) . I was very impressed with the punch that is packed in these somewhat shorter novels than what I’m normally used to. These books are precise and to the point. No long chapters of setting up events as Moorcock delves right off into the goods from jump street in book one and doesn’t stop. The whole feel of this story is very dark and can be sad in spots. Dealing with demons, dark magics and sorcery has its price and Elric pays for them dearly as the tale progresses. Yet I do like Elric’s attitude through most of the tale as he does what he has to in order to survive. Not enough can be said about his sentient, evil rune sword, Stormbringer. It is a wicked wicked weapon and I liked the contrast that Moorcock portrayed as Elric has a love/hate relationship with the blade. Any fan of fantasy owes it to themselves to read these great books, as they’re very well written.. \m/ \m/

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