I need to add that book to my library..

Is there a book you borrowed that was such a good read, you definitely want to have your own copy and make it a part of your personal library collection?

I know I sure do. A few years back, a good friend of mine, with similar taste in reading as I, loaned me a book of collected stories about Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser by Fritz Leiber, who was virtually unknown to me then (glad that’s remedied). Reading the worn and old book, Swords and Deviltry, (grab your copy here) took me on an unforgettable adventure with this misfit duo, unlike anything I had previously encountered. If you have not read about this pair, do yourself a favor and grab a heaping cup of your favorite drink and settle in for a book of great stories by adding this one to your own library. Currently, I am haunting, used bookstores to procure a copy for myself.

What is the book you borrowed or was loaned to you that you are drawn to create space for in your personal library? I would love to hear what you would suggest. I am constantly searching for new books to read to add to my ever-growing list. Thank you for reading.



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