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When the time comes that you no longer have a need for specific data, use DELETE to remove it completely from your table. CodeIgniter 4 Models have a delete() method that is super-easy to use. Continue reading for more information…


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CodeIgniter 4 CRUD Series with MySQL

I have written a now complete 4-part series over on my Medium account about CodeIgniter 4 Model CRUD operations. Feel free and visit any of the previous posts in the series to get up to speed:

In the post, CodeIgniter 4 CRUD Series with MySQL: Delete, I cover the Model delete() method used to remove a specific row of data from the table.

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Model delete() method and leveraging existing functionality

For better or worse, the delete() method simplifies removing rows from the database. In order to restrict the number of rows deleted, provide a parameter that is the primary key of the row to remove.

Using the CodeIgniter 4 Model CRUD methods saves time for those common operations across the application. I advocate saving time where you can in code. There will be a time that some pre-built functionality won’t exactly fit your needs and coding from scratch is the only option.

So leverage built-in functionality while you can! Thanks for reading!

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