MySQL Data Type Dive: ENUM – With examples.

ENUM data types are an interesting lot to me. I have previously blogged – in a high-level sense – on incorporating them with a TRIGGER for a sort of check constraint, which MySQL does not have. But what exactly is an ENUM? What are its advantages and disadvantages over other string data types? When would you use it and why? Join me and we will learn together…

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MySQL SELECT INTO Syntax Part 3 – DUMPFILE with examples.

We have seen in previous blog posts, 2 uses of the MySQL SELECT INTO syntax. Yet, there is a third use to know and learn about which we will explore in this blog post.

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MySQL SELECT INTO Syntax Part 2 – Saving to OUTFILE with examples

Oftentimes, you need to save and export query results to a file for storage, reporting, or additional processing. Commonly, CSV file types are a great choice for portability among other reasons. This blog post will cover using MySQL SELECT INTO syntax to generate these types of files.

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