Weekly Reading For Week of 07-07-2018

Enjoy the weekend with these great open-source SQL blog posts from around the web… At times, a few may be a bit dated, but worth the read, while others are relatively current… Share them along…

  • PostgreSQL Features You May Not Have Tried But Should
  • How to do histograms in PostgreSQL
  • Scaling past the single machine
  • Is Serverless Just a New Word for Cloud Based?
  • Back to basics: Isolation Levels In MySQL
  • How Oracle’s Acquisition Was Actually the Best Thing to Happen to MySQL
  • PostgreSQL Concurrency: Data Modification Language
  • Top 10 reasons for NoSQL with MySQL
  • Fun with SQL: Functions in Postgres
  • Planning queries involving foreign PostgreSQL tables
  • A Performance Cheat Sheet for PostgreSQL
  • The connection_control plugin : Keeping brute force attack in check
  • A Billion Taxi Rides in PostgreSQL
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    INSERT with SELECT statement for columns with FOREIGN KEY constraint in MySQL with examples.

    In this blog post, we’ll look at an example of INSERT with SELECT syntax to honor those FOREIGN KEY constraints we have in place that ensure referential integrity between rows in separate tables.

    Database command categories: A high level overview – DDL.

    This blog post is part 1 in a ‘mini-series’ of posts providing a high-level overview of SQL database commands. Coverage here is not exhaustive, only a brief visit of the command category. I’ve also included informative resources in addition to specific sections from the official documentation (see the closing section for the link to the main PostgreSQL documentation page). Search engines are your friend for a deeper exploration.