Optimizing WooCommerce SEO: Remote Collaboration Tips and Techniques for Software Developers

Never has there been a time when the eCommerce sector has grown so rapidly. And with leading eCommerce platforms like WooCommmerce, launching an online store is now easier than ever. While setting up your store is the first step, there’s a lot more to consider to ensure the success of your online business – such as optimizing your store for search engines. 

In today’s digital age, software developers play a crucial role in search engine optimization (SEO). However, a lot of them work remotely which requires special techniques and collaboration tools. This article will dive into the process of optimizing WooCommerce SEO and remote collaboration tips for software developers.


Display Product Price And Title Above Product Image In Shopify Dawn Theme

This is another example of simply moving some existing code around to achieve a desired outcome. I seem to do better with these types of small e-commerce ‘hacks’ than with a complete ‘start from scratch’ type of project. I’m piggybacking off of a recent blog post I wrote on moving the product title above the image. This time, we are moving the product price on the Shopify Dawn theme collections page as well. Read on!