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Are you struggling with PHP OOP concepts? Unsure of how the MVC design pattern all fits together? As someone who is learning and using PHP, trust me, I feel your pain. When I decided at the beginning of 2020 to go all in on PHP, OOP and MVC principles were difficult for me to grasp, much less implement. Although I worked out of a fantastic book, PHP & MYSQL: Novice To Ninja (non-affiliate link), something was still missing from my understanding (no fault to the book as it is fantastic). Then I discovered a series of 3 YouTube videos that really helped solidify those OOP and MVC concepts that had eluded me. In this post, I mainly want to share these videos and bring awareness to them so others who need help can benefit from them as well…

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Disclaimer: I did not create these videos. I simply watched and studied them and applied what I learned from them to my own PHP programming skills and development. I take no credit for these videos.

I personally started with this video as it sets the foundation (or at least it did for me) for the other 2 videos:

Complete MVC Framework in OOP PHP

Login and Register using MVC and PDO


Do give these videos a watch if they interest you. I am sure you can learn something valuable from each of them just. I sure did. Share them with others’ who you think may be interested in them as well.

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