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A Review of the New Analytic Window Functions in MySQL 8.0

A super-fun piece I got to write for the wonderful folks over at Severalnines. As always, I learn so much by writing these posts and what better way than to learn in public. I have known that Window Functions are powerful but until I wrote this post, I hadn’t discovered their full potential. Having only covered 3 of them in the post, in a very high-level sense, I look forward to diving head-first into them.

How Roles Have Changed in MySQL 8.0 and How to Use Them

I thought I knew how roles worked in a database setting. But, I really did not fully understand, or at least come to know, their potential until I wrote this piece for the Severalnines database blog. It was a blast to write and I learned many of the hidden nuances concerning roles through the study, practice, and drafting a presentable article.

MySQL in 2018: Whatโ€™s in 8.0 and Other Observations

As 2018 wanes, I find myself more and more drawn to MySQL. With numerous blogs here on Digital Owl’s Prose about this solid database, I figured to try my hand at writing about the significant changes implemented with the newest release in version 8. Super excited that the fantastic Severalnines team allowed me this opportunity.

PostgreSQL Privileges & User Management – What You Should Know

I wrote this technical blog post for Severalnines on PostgreSQL Roles and their management. I was able to complete this project almost a full week early and surpassed the minimum 1500 word count with around 2700. As with most everything in blogging and technical writing, the opportunity to learn and grow is one of the greatest rewards and benefits. The blog post was published live on Jan 8, 2018. This is my first client work project. Towards the end of 2018, Severalnines covered their 5 top PostgreSQL blog posts for the year with this particular one grabbing the number 3 spot. I am was so ecstatic to find out!

My Favorite PostgreSQL Queries and Why They Matter

I really had to dig deep to get this blog post where I was comfortable sending it out but in the end, I am super happy with it. Such a fantastic opportunity for development, growth, and learning in public. Little did I know this blog post would eventually make it into Hacker News, sparking much interest and many comments. This blog post was also featured in the Postgres Weekly publication. I almost lost my breath when I discovered it in my inbox one morning since I subscribe to that source for great articles as well. As I would discover, this article made it to the top spot out of all Severalnines PostgreSQL blogs for 2018 with over 40k reads! Wow!

I really appreciate Severalnines giving me such a great opportunity. Published live on Apr 6, 2018.

Top PostgreSQL Security Threats

Another blog post I wrote for Severalnines on a highly interesting and important topic. Security. I really enjoyed all the research and ‘Googling‘ involved to complete this blog post. This assignment was my first ‘research type’ of blog post and I learned a great deal during its various phases.

Using pg_dump and pg_dumpall to Backup PostgreSQL

A super fun guest blog post I wrote for the Severalnines PostgreSQL blog. The subject matter of this post is somewhat out of my comfort zone as I view this as more of a DBA task versus a hardcore SQL Developer (which is the role I am most interested in). Nevertheless, I enjoyed ‘tackling’ it and learning what I needed to complete some of the backups I wrote about. Plus, having the ability to secure database backups is an essential task in all systems. Overall, I am pleased with the outcome of it.

More of my Favorite PostgreSQL Queries – and Why They Also Matter

A follow-up guest blog post I wrote for the Severalnines PostgreSQL blog. This blog is super important to me as I used it to gauge what I’ve learned from the first part of this ‘dynamic duo’ that shares similar naming with that first post. I enjoyed the bench marking sections of it but more so what I learned in the section about PLpgSQL Cursor’s. That was tons of fun for me. I hope to find a real world use case to ply them in one day. This ‘accompanying’ article also wound up featured in the Postgres Weekly publication. So excited for this exposure and another golden opportunity to learn and grow in public.

PostgreSQL Streaming Replication vs Logical Replication

In this blog post I wrote for the Severalnines PostgreSQL blog, I dove head-first into uncharted waters. At least for me. I learned a ton about Replication in PostgreSQL. Along the way I discovered too, that I need to drill down deeper into this rabbit-hole and further solidify these concepts as my SQL career evolves. Again, great exposure and a golden opportunity to learn in public. This blog post would go on to be selected for the Postgres Weekly publication.

Understanding Check Constraints in PostgreSQL

This blog post I wrote for the Severalnines PostgreSQL blog, is to date the most fun and enjoyable one I have written yet. Time literally flew by while I was drafting up and editing this piece. I sent it in numerous days prior to the set deadline. I requested writing this piece and the wonderful Severalnines folks obliged me. I definitely want to produce more blog posts like this. Not necessarily in subject matter, but in feel. This one just seems buttery smooth to me. This blog post would also be chosen and featured in the Postgres Weekly publication.


This blog post I wrote for the Severalnines PostgreSQL blog, is another one where I learned so much writing it. They say you don’t know something until you try to explain it and that applies 100% for this post. I am sure (and secretly hoping) there will be better understanding comments provided as I do know I need to dive deeper on the GROUP BY and HAVING clauses. But, all in all, still a fun post to write.

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