Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb

The second novel in the Farseer Trilogy, Royal Assassin, by author Robin Hobb is as good or better than the first book of the series. Like the first novel, I just had to keep turning pages to see just what Fitz Chivalry, the main character, had to do to make it in the cruel world he is forced to live in. Ah but not all cruel as in the second book Hobb brings in a young lady who Fitz has known since childhood and has fancied for as long. The romantic element of the story may turn some readers off. I’m no romantic reader myself but it does add flavor to the tale and as in real life, there are always consequences and trials for any relationship. Fitz finds this out like everything else. The hard way. Such a great read that as I type this I’m about to install the final book of the tale on my Kindle and get to it.. Enjoy \m/

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