How to edit an existing WordPress Reusable Block

Now that you have created a Reusable Block for your WordPress site, how do you make changes to it? Learn how in this article.


Tools of the Trade – Substack Repost

Anyone operating a blog, newsletter, or other creative side hustle knows there are a lot of moving pieces involved behind the scenes. Keeping the cadence going not only requires commitment and skills, but also various tools and software


MySQL Column Aliases using the AS keyword

Be it running reports or displaying data in some other visualization, SQL SELECT column expressions should be meaningful and understandable. To provide those valuable query results, SQL Developers, use a multitude of available functions, adjacent columns, or other means not readily apparent to end-users. All that being said, the column names often suffer the most as far as readability is concerned, taking on long function call names or other combined expressions. But, as luck would be on our side, there is an easy fix and that is aliasing columns using the AS keyword. Although AS is optional – in this particular context – I err on the side of readability and use it when aliasing SELECT column expressions.

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