SQL Antipatterns – OpenLampTech Publication Repost

I’ve been publishing more articles outside of the OpenLampTech newsletter, directly to the Substack page. In this post, I’m sharing a recent post featuring one of my favorite SQL books…


OpenLampTech issue #13

This week’s issue of OpenLampTech, the newsletter for PHP/MySQL developers is once again loaded to the brim with the best content I can curate for your reading pleasure. I absolutely enjoy running and sharing the newsletter and I hope you are enjoying the content just as much. Thank you!!!!


How to Set Up MySQL in a Docker Container

If you want to set up a MySQL database to store data for websites, blogs, or applications, you can use a Docker container. It’s relatively simple to do. And like shuffling a deck of cards, reversing a string in Python, or writing a recursive function, it’s a suitable exercise for beginners just starting out with MySQL and backend web development.

Let’s take a look at exactly what a Docker container is, and how you can use it to set up MySQL.