OpenLampTech issue #9

Guess what? OpenLampTech, the newsletter for PHP/MySQL developers, has a new issue full of great curated content for your reading experience this week. Come on by and read the publication!

(more…) issue #8

It’s that time once again. I’ve published another issue of, the newsletter for PHP/MySQL developers, over the weekend with all the curated content for your reading experience. There is plenty to learn for everyone so dig in…

(more…) #7 – MySQL Metadata with CodeIgniter 4

After taking the week of Christmas off, – the newsletter for PHP/MySQL developers – is back with a massive issue for you this week to close out the month and the year. In this issue, we are covering MySQL metadata in CodeIgniter 4. Continue reading for more information…


5 PHP Date Functions and Their MySQL Equivalents

Anyone working with data is going to encounter date values at some point. Dates are necessary for many reasons. If you’re a PHP/MySQL Developer, you have date function options for both the database and your programming language of choice. In this post, I cover 5 PHP date functions and their (somewhat) MySQL equivalents with examples of each. Continue reading…