TRIM() string function in MySQL – with examples.

In this post, I’ll cover examples of the MySQL TRIM() function. TRIM() removes specific characters – or spaces – from a given string, at either: the beginning, ending, or potentially in both locations depending on several factors. With an optional keyword argument that controls which character(s) – if any – are removed, TRIM() can be tricky so let’s gain understanding with several easy-to-digest examples…

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Pivot query in MySQL – Learning by example.

While reading in a fantastic SQL book I frequent quite a bit, I discovered a type of query in one of the examples that I really should know. For a better learning experience, in order to solidly the concepts presented, I applied them to some data that I am familiar with. The topic: pivoting rows of data. Although I am aware of this data presentation, I have never studied a pivot query. ‘So why not learn it then’ I thought to myself. Are you interested in learning about a pivot query also? Continue reading and see an easy-to-comprehend example…

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