CodeIgniter 4 Database Features Overview in 2022 – Substack Repost

CodeIgniter 4 is a solid, well-designed PHP framework and one I enjoy using and exploring every chance I get. In 2022, the CodeIgniter 4 team released many database-related upgrades. Learn more about the ones I found most significant in this OpenLampTech report.


CodeIgniter 4 Query Builder union() and unionAll() methods

UNION and UNION ALL set operators return the combined rows from 1 or more SELECT queries. CodeIgniter 4 Query Builder now supports UNION and UNION ALL queries with the $builder->union() and $builder->unionAll() methods respectively. Learn how to create these types of queries in this article.

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Create CodeIgniter 4 Models With Command Line Generators

I’m all about saving time wherever I can in coding projects. In CodeIgniter 4, there are some handy commands you can use and save a lot of time setting up base file scaffolding: Command Line Generators (CLG). I recently explored using CLGs for Model scaffolding and was impressed with the time savings.


CodeIgniter 4 Query Parameter Binding with examples in MySQL

As powerful and useful as the CodeIgniter 4 Query Builder class methods and functions are, there are times when you need to hand-craft your own queries. Perhaps they are complex. Or, you would just rather write the raw SQL. Learn how to safely use the input you need – typically as part of the WHERE clause conditional(s) – using 2 different parameter binding variations with examples in MySQL.


CodeIgniter 4 Query Builder join() Method Explained

The CodeIgniter 4 Query Builder class provides ORM-like functionality for Database operations in the framework. As developers, we know SQL JOINs are foundational and oftentimes required in order to retrieve the correct data. The Query Builder class has a dedicated join() method you can use when constructing queries where JOINs are necessary. Continue reading and learn how to use the CodeIgniter 4 Query Builder join() method…