CURSOR errors without HANDLER’s in MySQL – with examples.

In one of my previous posts, CONTINUE HANDLER in MySQL – One way, with examples, I hinted at a forthcoming piece on the topic of using a CURSOR without a CONTINUE HANDLER. Read on and learn the exact error you should see and more importantly, what it means.

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CONTINUE HANDLER in MySQL – One way, with examples.

In this blog post, we will visit an alternate CONTINUE HANDLER declaration I recently learned about while studying CURSOR‘s in MySQL.

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Exploring Generated Columns in MySQL with examples.

Perhaps you have columns in your table that work together to provide some meaningful results. During table creation, you have the option to CREATE a GENERATED COLUMN in MySQL. What is that? And, what can you use it for? Read on to learn with me and find out…

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Example of the RENAME USER command in MySQL

Naming your users and specifying their host does not have to be permanent. However, to implement any changes to those two fields, it is better to use the RENAME USER command as opposed to directly updating MySQL system tables. Read on to learn about this command with me…

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Data Type as validation constraint – with example in MySQL

Oftentimes, those less-than-obvious gems of programming go unnoticed. Some things are in place for us to utilize, yet we never think about them. In this blog post, I will cover how you can use the integer data type itself, as a sort of validation constraint for data coming into your table(s). Of course, all situations are unique, so this is not a one-size-fits-all solution. However, under the right circumstances, it could be a handy little trick to have up your sleeve.

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