PostgreSQL TRIGGERS and \copy working in tandem.

After coming off of an injury-ridden June, July turned out to be a more promising (except the sweltering Louisiana heat) month with me getting in plenty of solid hikes as I try to stay active and maintain better weight. I also began tracking my hiking stats a little differently. This blog post will cover how I bulk-uploaded them into my database at months end…

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Wholesale inserts with Python, Psycopg2 and PostgreSQL.

Triple P threat to all data files!!! Hahahaha… Now that I have myself collected and together, in this blog post I will utilize Python, Psycopg2, and PostgreSQL for a bulk upload, importing data from a CSV file to a database table. (more…)

Data prepping with Sed for bulk uploads using the PostgreSQL COPY command.

This post will highlight usage of the PostgreSQL COPY command. Along the way, I will use Sed, a Unix command-line utility, to ‘massage’ sample data into a more uniformed structure. Once the data has been formatted to our requirement, we will then load it into a PostgreSQL table.