Using WordPress For Your Next Website Project? Understanding Its Pros And Cons!

In 2003, when it started, WordPress was only a blogging platform. There is a misconception that it works best only for a blogging website. It is far from the truth. Today, it is being used as the largest CMS in the market. As per 2021 data, there are over 455 million WordPress websites, or one in every three websites is a WordPress website. 


Python vs. PHP: Which is Better for Web Development?

In the digital world, web development has become one of the most in-demand skills. The biggest companies have already invested in developing their website to help boost business and brand identity. When first developing a website, you may be wondering which programming language to use.


Comparing SQLite and Realm: What Is the Best Database for Android

Any Android application requires dedicated storage space. And various databases help developers in this. However, a lot depends on the choice of the database, and the wrong choice can bury the perfect application. When creating an app for Android, there are two most popular databases SQLite and Realm. Many developers cannot choose between them for a long time since each has its own pros and cons. Today we will compare these two databases and find out what is better for developing Android applications. Without further ado, let’s get started.


How to Use SQL in SEO

If you talk to any search engine optimization specialist, they’ll surely tell you how many tools are used throughout their workday – from keyword research and backlinking to crawling and metric analysis tools. SEO is a world of its own with countless facets of information that need tweaking and examination constantly. It can quickly become overwhelming if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. Or if you simply don’t understand how to make your job easier with SQL. 


7 Tips to Choose a Technology Stack For a Web Application

Imagine you came up with the idea for a web application. The question is what tech stack to use to get a powerful web app. 

The technology stack for your product does not only bring it to life but affects its further maintainability, scalability, and many other factors.

Let’s consider the major tips you should take into consideration before getting the web tech stack and other web development services.