CodeIgniter 4 Query Parameter Binding with examples in MySQL

As powerful and useful as the CodeIgniter 4 Query Builder class methods and functions are, there are times when you need to hand-craft your own queries. Perhaps they are complex. Or, you would just rather write the raw SQL. Learn how to safely use the input you need – typically as part of the WHERE clause conditional(s) – using 2 different parameter binding variations with examples in MySQL.


PHP CRUD Application – Portfolio Piece

I am super pleased to share that I have completed and uploaded my first (that I can share at least) personal portfolio piece written in PHP to a subdomain on my personal hosting server located at Over the better part of the last year, I have developed a custom reporting dashboard written in PHP for my (current) employer, but do not share any of that work as it is proprietary and not owned by me. However, for a personal project, I can share far and wide. In this post, I provide a brief overview of my simple (in theory at least) application/site, built on the LAMP stack using the MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern in core PHP along with Bootstrap 4, jQuery, and MySQL.

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