Dynamic HTML drop-down with PHP and MySQL

After spending a great deal of time in my day job developing a web reporting dashboard/interface with PHP and MySQL, I feel that I have found my stride in back-end web development with PHP. Learning to develop web applications using the LAMP stack – or one of its derivatives (E.g., WordPress, CodeIgniter, Laravel, etc..) – is a huge focus for me right now. It’s no secret I am a MySQL fanatic – hence this blog – and have written about Python code along with the MySQL Shell a great deal here. However, as it normally goes for developers, the PHP/MySQL back-end web development has inspired me to, of course, start a side project. Go figure right! What developer doesn’t have a side project, or two? Be on notice that you will see more and more PHP/MySQL and LAMP-stack related posts in the future, in addition to the MySQL posts I regularly publish. In the meantime, I’ll share something super neat o (to me at least) I learned while working on my side project. I’m sure it is simple and standard for seasoned web developers, but sparks that exciting, exploratory learning feel for me. Continue reading to see more…

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Import CSV file data into MySQL table with phpMyAdmin

In the blog post MySQL CREATE TABLE in PHPMyAdmin – with examples, I covered using phpMyAdmin’s visual interface to complete CREATE TABLE tasks. I also mentioned uploading CSV data files to a table using phpMyAdmin in an upcoming post. In this follow-up post, we accomplish uploading CSV files that both do and do not have the column names present in the first row. Continue reading to see the examples…

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MySQL CREATE TABLE in PHPMyAdmin – with examples.

Found in cPanel, XAMPP, and similar environments, PHPMyAdmin is powerful interface, providing a visual MySQL working experience. I use PHPMyAdmin quite often in my day job, developing a LAMP stack application, and want to share some common, everyday uses. PHPMyAdmin beginners – like me – who continuously learn through online resources such as: blog posts, videos, and how-to tutorials will benefit the most from this post. Keep reading to see how you can utilize PHPMyAdmin to carryout CREATE TABLE commands…

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Transaction in MySQL Shell – Python mode with examples

Although my day job has lately been filled primarily with MySQL and PHP development – which I absolutely enjoy – I still make spare time for MySQL and Python hacking; particularly in the MySQL Shell. For whatever reason, I am drawn back to this specific environment. SAVEPOINT, COMMIT, and START TRANSACTION are integral commands for working within a database transaction. MySQL Shell fully supports these commands. We can even execute them in Python mode! Continue reading to see them in action…

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SQL CRUD Compilation

SQL CRUD is everywhere in the database world. Be it application development or ad-hoc queries in analysis, there is a strong chance you are executing one of the CRUD commands: Create, Read, Update, or Delete. Having written several blog posts in the past on MySQL CRUD, I feel you the readers deserve an easy means to access them all. Therefore, consider this post the MySQL CRUD Compilation post. Enjoy!

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