5 PHP Date Functions and Their MySQL Equivalents

Anyone working with data is going to encounter date values at some point. Dates are necessary for many reasons. If you’re a PHP/MySQL Developer, you have date function options for both the database and your programming language of choice. In this post, I cover 5 PHP date functions and their (somewhat) MySQL equivalents with examples of each. Continue reading…


CodeIgniter 4 Query Builder set() function with update()

CodeIgniter 4 Query Builder class has an update() function used to process UPDATE Data Manipulation Language (DML) commands. Using update() as a standalone function call is perfectly valid. However, there is also a set() function used for setting column values as you would with the SET keyword in an SQL UPDATE statement. Used in conjunction with the Query Builder where() function, you can easily UPDATE column values for an individual row or multiple rows. Continue reading for more information…


OpenLamp.tech issue #6

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The Newsletter for PHP and MySQL Developers

In this week’s issue, we have great curated content covering:

  • Temporal types in the MySQL Document store
  • A great read on the building of the Symfony Station site
  • PHP error for headers already sent in WordPress
  • A primer on MySQL Window Functions

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The Newsletter for PHP and MySQL Developers

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CodeIgniter 4 anchor() URL Helper function

Here as of late, I’m leaning on every piece of built-in functionally of the CodeIgniter 4 framework I can. One I’ve been using a great deal is the anchor() URL helper function. Continue reading to learn more about this function…