Function parameters in a PLpgSQL function – How they are accessed…

Having recently published this blog post about PLpgSQL dollar quoting, I thought it appropriate to follow-up with a post on function parameters. In this post, I will demonstrate 2 variations of a simple function, both of which accept a parameter. Yet, how the parameter is accessed and specified is different.

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The STRICT keyword with SELECT INTO – examples in PostgreSQL

In concert with writing quality open-source SQL blog posts, I have developed a yearning to become a well-versed PostgreSQL PLpgSQL programmer. What a perfect opportunity to share what I learn about PLpgSQL, on my blog, while building solid SQL skills. In this post, I will cover the SELECT INTO clause as part of a PLpgSQL function, focusing on the STRICT keyword for even more fine-tuned functionality.

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Dollars and Quotes – PLpgSQL programming basics.

Start talking about dollars, and you will get all the attention in the world. Well, in this instance, it is not so much about dollars in the monetary sense, but more so in a programming one. You’re likely wondering just what on earth I am talking about. Read on and learn with me about a neat feature that PostgreSQL’s PLpgSQL procedural language provides when creating functions and stored procedures.

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Digging into PLpgSQL – Scratching the surface with easy functions.

I’m quite intrigued when it comes to PostgreSQL’s procedural language, PLpgSQL (honestly, SQL stored procedures and functions in general). I’ve grown fond of writing functions on the ‘server-side’, exploring their use and benefit. But what are some things you can do with simple(er) functions? Let’s learn together.