Medium Cross Post – CodeIgniter 4 CRUD: Delete

When the time comes that you no longer have a need for specific data, use DELETE to remove it completely from your table. CodeIgniter 4 Models have a delete() method that is super-easy to use. Continue reading for more information…


Medium Cross-post – CodeIgniter 4 CRUD: Update

In some applications, data may never change. Yet, in others, data changes numerous times in its lifecycle. In SQL the UPDATE command changes existing rows of data. CodeIgniter 4 Models have 2 methods available for update operations: update() and save(). Continue reading and learn more about update()


Medium Cross-post: CodeIgniter 4 CRUD – Create

I’m studying and beginning to use CodeIgniter 4 in ‘real-world‘ projects and want to share what I learn, as I pick up on concepts of the framework. I’m posting a series of CRUD-related posts over on Medium and resharing them here for any readers who are interested…


CodeIgniter Form Helper library – at a glance

Working with forms is common for anyone in the web development field. Forms are used to capture information for one purpose or another. Be it user login credentials, or customer order details, forms are at the heart of interaction in websites and applications across the Internet. The CodeIgniter PHP framework comes with several built-in helper libraries, that assist in rapid web development. One of them is the form helper. In this post, I’ll cover some of the common methods available from the form helper library…

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7 Tips to Choose a Technology Stack For a Web Application

Imagine you came up with the idea for a web application. The question is what tech stack to use to get a powerful web app. 

The technology stack for your product does not only bring it to life but affects its further maintainability, scalability, and many other factors.

Let’s consider the major tips you should take into consideration before getting the web tech stack and other web development services.