The Best 7 Reasons To Choose Mysql For Organizing Your Web Database

There have arrived a number of frameworks in the market to organize web databases like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, etc. But the most popular one among these is MySQL. Statista gave MySQL second place as the most famous database technology. Although there are several competitors competing against MySQL, the popularity that MySQL enjoys can’t be compared with anything else. It is competing with all other technologies very fiercely. A survey conducted by Datanyze a few days back found that 14.46% of the users in the market are using MySQL. On the other hand, the share of MongoDB is just a mere 4.13%.

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Now, why is MySQL so much popular in the industry? What makes it better than all the other database technologies? If these questions are running in your mind as well, the following seven reasons to choose MySQL will help you understand this.

1. Amazing performance delivered

The engine frameworks for storage in MySQL are enough to guarantee smooth functioning. Other features, including optimized nested loop, joins as well as thread-based memory allocation, further complement the performance even further. Irrespective of whether you’re using a transactional processing platform or an e-commerce website, various queries, as well as transactions, can be processed.
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For performing and improving data retrieval, the new MySQL addition- Index in performance schema is useful. For concurrent use by multiple users and to manage heavy workloads, replication, as well as clustering, prove to be very useful. These features are widely used by successful businesses all around the world.

2. Usage and administration are easy

The simple database is one of the top reasons for web developers prefer MySQL. It is much easier to set up as well as maintain a MySQL database than a MongoDB database. Spending a hefty sum on hiring and training DBAs is not even necessary for MySQL. Almost nil experience is required for someone to learn and use MySQL.
The MySQL downloading and installing hardly takes a minute. Apart from this, several features, including GUI tools, triggers, MySQL Workbench, stored procedures, MySQL Admin, etc., are there in MySQL. These will assist you in whichever result you want.

3. A huge community is supported

We already know the popularity of this open-source database system- MySQL. Still, to quantify it, the count of active installations in MySQL is 11,000,000. Moreover, several measures and forums like MySQL blogs, videos, webinars, discussion forums, and whitepaper tutorials are there to help you. Modifying the source code and making it charge-free is allowed by the General Public License (GNU).
And if you enable the advanced version by paying a fee, you can enjoy the bug fixes, code updates, and priority 24×7 support as well. The compatibility of MySQL with several technologies, platforms, software, and programming languages can’t even be questioned. Therefore it becomes extremely dynamic to work with MySQL.

4. Adaptability and flexibility are offered

Developers especially take note of how much a database technology is scalable as well as flexible before choosing it. The more flexibility, the more efficient results that the developers can produce. In this world of rising enterprise demands, MySQL stands strong to pacify all of these. From the apps that are embedded to the large ones having terabytes of information, scaling of MySQL occurs as per the data demand. And for the usage of relatively smaller apps also, it is far more than efficient.
Vertical scaling, as well as horizontal scaling, is also available for enterprises needing extra features for their databases. And there will be still no compromise with database load or its performance. That’s the efficiency of MySQL!

5. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is very low

The downloading as well as installation of this open-source database software, MySQL, is available free to users. Setting up this database management system takes little to no prior experience. And hence, it enables you to save up money on other aspects of your business, such as development and marketing. Even the cost of the commercial enterprise version is not that high. The support, as well as maintenance, is less costly as well.
The low total cost of ownership is guaranteed by your very own MySQL. It enables a 60% reduction in downtime, over 90% reduction in license fee, 70% reduction in hardware expenses, and almost 50% reduction in engineering and maintenance costs.
The low total cost of ownership is something that attracts a significantly huge amount of organizations all around the world. US Census Bureau, Cox Communications, and Alcatel are just a few to name. For the developers wanting to migrate to MySQL, the process is extremely cost-effective and straightforward. This again attributes to one of the top reasons why MySQL is preferred by most developers.

6. It offers safety and reliability

The security of the database is supreme to every organization out there. No compromise can be tolerated regards safety. Well, don’t get surprised if we say that even Amazon and Netflix use MySQL. That is true because they trust the safety and reliability offered by MySQL. The features for data protection will help you counter even the most powerful cyber attacks and secure your sensitive data.
Secure connections are provided by SSL support as well as SSH support. On the other hand, protection is provided by MySQL data encryption against any data that is unauthorized. Consistency and data integrity is guaranteed when it comes to compliance with ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability).
If granting or revoking users is required, that is made available very easily by Access control management. Password encryption, as well as secure transactions, is also provided by this magnificent database technology- MySQL.

7. It is vastly available

Ensuring that the system is running is of supreme importance these days in the hyper-competitive world. Not only revenue but also the reputation of any organization gets affected by any downtime or failure. Therefore this feature of MySQL is considered respectable. The cluster replications, as well as replication usage, offers 24×7 uptime to the businesses using MySQL.
The failures get handled and managed by the cluster servers. It is the duty of these servers to ensure that there is no interruption in their access 24×7. MySQL redirects the requests of users to another server to complete a process whenever a server gets down.
Protection against drastic situations because of human error, planned maintenance, or network failure is something that is ensured by MySQL. Furthermore, shared-nothing, virtual systems, third-party solutions, and geographically-replicated clusters are other ways to imply high achievability in MySQL.

Concluding Remarks:

The world is getting hyper-competitive with every passing day. This makes it even more necessary to ensure that your working processes are as efficient as possible. And that’s why MySQL is appreciated by the industry players a lot. It has a never-ending list of benefits like downtime management and 24×7 support apart from the above-mentioned benefits. It is very true that efforts never fail and always produce a result. In this case, the acknowledgment of MySQL by businesses shows that beautifully. That is why it is highly recommended for other businesses to use this as well to raise their competency.

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