The Earthsea Cycle by Ursula K LeGuin

How on earth I came along and these books escaped my eyes, I’ll never know. These Earthsea novels should be standard, mandatory reading for anyone who is a fan of fantasy. Ursula K LeGuin is a flat out, great storyteller. Now the first three books of the series all put together are probably shorter than a standard fantasy novel of nowadays, however, the whole idea with Mrs. LeGuin is quality over quantity in regards to page count. You won’t find long drawn out runs of pages in these books. What you will find is precise, to the point, and a descriptive story. I love Ms. Leguin’s style of writing and her take on all things wizardry, sorcery, dragons and above all, the importance of a name in this fantasy world she created. At one point in the fourth book, due to her masterful writing, I was literally there, in my minds eye, at the exact scene she was describing. Not many authors can do that but she did. I am so pleased I took the time to read these books. They are way up on my list of favorites in the epic fantasy genre. If you are a fan of epic fantasy, please read these books. If you like wizards, magic, dragons and an epic tale, you owe it to yourself to read them. This one is purely metal and gets double horns way up..\m/ \m/

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