The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

After reading the first installment of Suzanne Collin’s saga, The Hunger Games, my first question to myself is… Why am I just now reading this fantastic book?!?! Even though it was just released last year I feel as though I should’ve been on top of this one being a huge fan of fantasy, sci-fi type material. The book is brilliant in my opinion but you have to devote to it in order to reap the pleasure from such a good read. I’ll have to admit that after about the first 30% on my Kindle I was thinking ” Ok, is this really for me?” Not that it was bad at all, just real slow. But then when it took off, man did it ever go! Wow! I was burning through pages like my life depended on it! The Hunger Games is set in post apocalypse type America where everything is divided into districts and to term that life is hard does not do it justice. The best I can describe it is this, if you are a fan of the movie “Book of Eli” or have ever played Bethesda’s brilliant Fallout Rpg’s, this is what came to mind for me. Not that the Hunger Games is anything like the above mentioned titles, it’s just what I pictured while reading. At certain times it kind of reminded me of a different version of “The Running Man” written by Richard Bachman ( aka Stephen King) yet with its own specialness. There are 2 more novels in this tale and as you can probably guess, I’m installing the second one on my Kindle as I write. Enjoy!\m/

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