The OpenLampTech Developer Newsletter is One Year Old

The OpenLampTech developer newsletter is one year old! I honestly don’t know where the past year went. Obviously, I had my nose buried in some fantastic content since OpenLampTech publishes mostly curated newsletters.

I tell you though, don’t think it isn’t a challenge adding your own thoughts and commentary to someone else’s great content because it definitely is.

I plan to continue publishing curated content in OpenLampTech but, also cover tech reporting and news-related topics that are within the MySQL, PHP, and LAMP stack ecosystems.

There seems to always be plenty to talk about in these areas so a shortage of topics won’t be the issue (I don’t think).

The Newsletter for PHP and MySQL Developers

Receive a copy of my ebook, “10 MySQL Tips For Everyone”, absolutely free when you subscribe to the OpenLampTech newsletter.

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Most Viewed Issues

These 5 issues are among the most viewed (at the time of publication) out of the 52 weekly Friday publication pieces:

  1. OpenLampTech issue #15 – CodeIgniter 4 Query Builder select() methods in depth
  2. OpenLampTech issue #29
  3. OpenLampTech issue #37
  4. OpenLampTech issue #43
  5. OpenLampTech issue #47

Programming and Developer-Focussed Issues

I published several publication pieces outside of the standard Friday morning cadence for the curated newsletter. Most of these covered PHP and MySQL material I was either learning about or using heavily that I wanted to share:

  1. MySQL SHOW TABLES – 2 variations
  2. MySQL ROW_NUMBER() Window Function with CASE Expression
  3. PHP array_diff() function – A handy use case learned
  4. 5 SQL Books That Will Make You A Pro
  5. Tools of the Trade – OpenLampTech Behind the Scenes

Developer Interviews

I published 3 fantastic developer interviews in the OpenLampTech publication and definitely plan to publish more in the future. I learn so much from these interviews and really appreciate the time these gracious developers took out of their lives to provide such value for me and the newsletter audience:

Some Failed Attempts?

While failing is without a doubt too harsh of a word, there was one area I wish would have blossomed more and that was WordPress Wednesday. I published 17 WordPress Wednesday pieces where I basically just did a link round-up (with little context) for all the current WordPress-related content I read (or tried to read) throughout the week.

It just didn’t go anywhere. Which is a bummer.

But, to be fair, I did not send these pieces via email as I do with the weekly Friday newsletter or any of the exclusive pieces. So maybe that explains it.

I don’t want to be the guy that just bombards someone (who signed up for a weekly newsletter) with extra emails.

During the time I ran the WordPress Wednesday, I sure did keep up with what is going on in the (volatile) space.

Perhaps I can pick the WordPress Wednesday thing back up by leveraging Substack’s Sections feature.

I do like – and use – WordPress a lot and really wish to become more proficient with it for the freelance opportunities it provides.

Here are a couple of the pieces that did get a few views:

Where is OpenLampTech Going?

To the top of the newsletter charts of course.

You haven’t heard!?! (LOL JK)

Now on to the serious side, hopefully to your inboxes is where OpenLampTech is going because I have only just started with this publication

I have a year under my belt now.

The rookie season is over…

Thank you for reading this post. Please share it with someone else who would enjoy it as well.

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Disclaimer: The majority of examples in this post, are performed in a personal development/learning workstation environment and should not be considered production quality or ready. Your particular goals and needs may vary. Like always, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. My opinions are my own.

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The Newsletter for PHP and MySQL Developers

Receive a copy of my ebook, “10 MySQL Tips For Everyone”, absolutely free when you subscribe to the OpenLampTech newsletter.

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