“The Spirit Thief” by Rachel Aaron

Plot Summary: In the city of Allaze, the king is presumably missing from his ruling throne room. The renowned Eli Monpress has a way with words. In particular, words with the spirits of things. Would his desire for fortune and more importantly fame, jeopardize his freedom at the hands of the Spirit Court’s Miranda Lyonette? Or can Eli continue to utilize his skill, magic, and unmatched wit to evade the unfaltering Miranda in her bid to apprehend him and stifle his continued scheming once and for all? Moreover can Miranda and Eli both throttle the plans of a mutual enemy by combining their strengths to save themselves along with a city that despises them both?


Title: “The Spirit Thief”. Get your copy here.
Author: Rachel Aaron .  Official website.
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 7/10

“First rule of thievery,” Eli said, grinning, “only run if you’re not coming back.” He thumped his heels on the hard ground. “The last place a man looks is under his feet.”                                                                                                                     -Eli Monpress


My take: How I missed this jewel of a book is beyond me. Reading “The Spirit Thief” was simply fun. The story contained just the right amount of seriousness yet radiated such a “fabled” feel to me capturing that “fantasy” setting I so enjoy. I strongly liked the fact that magic was prevalent throughout the story. More importantly, the magic is used. Differing from many stories where magic is known, but not exposed or displayed often, the magic found in “The Spirit Thief” is always there, being used by many, to benefit their circumstances. Communicating with and manipulating the spirit of things is deep and full of wonderment, in my opinion. Seemingly mundane objects, ultimately become tools, when coerced with a glib tongue and a touch of channeled energy. Eli’s ability to form these bonds and employ as his needs and wants dictate, make him a capable and crafty wizard-thief that I thoroughly enjoyed chasing along the pages as they flew by. Eli could very well be the perfect con man, executing his ruse that anyone hopes to see come to fruition. The simple fact that Eli is more concerned with notoriety and fame, therefore producing a higher bounty attached to his name lead me to believe he is not the “nickel and dime” con man akin to other simple-minded thieves who have little thought about long-term success. I strongly feel this trait provides a depth and feel to his characterisation.

The main quip I had that I felt needed to be addressed by the author was more depth and back story between the misfit band operated by Eli, consisting of Josef Liechton and a mysterious young girl Nico. I felt there was already a deep bond between all members of the party that I was not privy to or at least only allowed a “peek” at. Being the first installment of the series, I am not certain if the author covers these relationships in greater detail within the second novel. I will definitely find out as I have all plans on continuing with this story in the near future. I have to know what Eli gets into moving forward.

If a story of wit and con with magic are to your liking, I feel this book will appease to you. Eli is likable enough that you cannot help but turn the pages to see just where he has ended up and to what he is entangled in. The villainous characters offer plenty of opposition and strife to propel the story forward, overall making for a great read.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my review of “The Spirit Thief” along with your take on the book if you have read it as well. Thank you for reading.

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