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MySQL Learning Tier

When you join this membership tier, you gain access to exclusive premium MySQL content in the form of blog posts, in-depth guides, deep-dive articles, and video/screencast.

MySQL Workbench CSV Import-Export Guide

A short eBook covering how to import CSV data and export query results to a CSV file, using the MySQL Workbench GUI.

OpenLampTech Newsletter Classified Ad

Get your brand, product, or service the attention it needs with a classified ad placement.

MySQL Query Syntax Mantra

I came up with this little slogan or mantra to help anyone remember the query syntax order for a MySQL query.

5 Truths I've Come To Realize As a Self-taught Developer

When I began my self-taught developer journey back in 2016, little did I know - at that time - learning the tech side of things would be the easy part.

10 MySQL Tips For Everyone

10 actionable tips for anyone working with the MySQL database technology. Free when you subscribe to the OpenLampTech newsletter.