Joshua Otwell is a Backend Developer using MySQL, Python, and PHP technologies to deliver results. With a background as a Pipeline Surveyor, the transition to a Pipeline Survey Data Analyst sparked a desire to provide Web Applications, Web Sites, and Reporting Dashboards manipulating Pipeline Survey data he is an expert on. MySQL is his passion, sweet spot, and strongest skill.


Hello, all my name is Joshua Otwell. I am a father and husband above all else in life. I enjoy reading fantasy novels, table-top gaming, technical writing, long walks/hikes, traditional archery, and bass fishing.

Blogging and technical writing about SQL are the focus of my blog. All of the posts you can find over on the “Best Of” and Portfolio-Projects pages are a testament to my devotion to SQL expertise.

By all means, contact me if you are interested in collaborating on guest blogging, technical writing, and content creation for your needs in MySQL.

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