Joshua Otwell is a Pipeline Surveyor migrating into programming and data practices with PostgreSQL and Python technologies.

Hello, all. My name is Joshua Otwell. I am a father and husband above all else in life. I am currently involved/embarked on a self-initiated journey and career change from field-related surveying data collection practices, to one in database programming practices, with my main focus and goal to develop GIS application servers targeting geospatial data storage, in addition to mobile application development targeting asset management, tracking, and collection.

Through self-taught knowledge of these technologies and continued effort to study, learn, and become more proficient in their use, I am excited to be on this journey and look forward to continuing to grow as a programmer.

I enjoy spending free time with my family, reading many fantasy novels, loud metal/hard rock music, finding my way around a Linux terminal and playing in exciting tabletop RPG games.


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