Convert existing HTML to Gutenberg block – With examples

In this blog post, I’ll take exisitng HTML, consisting of a heading and 2 paragraphs, and convert them to a Gutenberg Block.

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PostgreSQL TRIGGERS and \copy working in tandem.

After coming off of an injury-ridden June, July turned out to be a more promising (except the sweltering Louisiana heat) month with me getting in plenty of solid hikes as I try to stay active and maintain better weight. I also began tracking my hiking stats a little differently. This blog post will cover how I bulk-uploaded them into my database at months end…

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Getting a handle on Gutenberg… slowly.

With blogging, I am always on the search for ways to make the whole process easier and more proficient. One thing I discovered long ago, the WordPress default editor leaves a lot to be desired. In my humble opinion at least. I believe it is named the TinyMCE editor but don’t sell the farm on that. That’s how much time I spend (or try not to spend) using it.

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