How to Retrieve MySQL Last Insert ID in CodeIgniter 4

I use CodeIgniter 4 a great deal for learning, personal projects, and application development. In this post, I cover 2 different methods you can use and retrieve the MySQL Last Insert ID value after executing an INSERT statement in CodeIgniter. Continue reading for more information…


MySQL Table DDL file with phpMyAdmin

If you need a structure only .sql file of a MySQL tables’ Data Definition Language (DDL), phpMyAdmin makes this super-easy with just a few clicks. Continue reading and learn how…


Medium Cross Post – CodeIgniter 4 CRUD: Delete

When the time comes that you no longer have a need for specific data, use DELETE to remove it completely from your table. CodeIgniter 4 Models have a delete() method that is super-easy to use. Continue reading for more information…


Criteria to Review When Choosing the Best Data Analytics Company for Your Business

Are you looking to advance your business by using data analytics? Companies both large and small rely on specific and accurate data to complete a wide range of functions, from product development to marketing and everything in between.

But data evaluation, web scraping PHP, and business models are not everyone’s strong suit. That’s why data analytics companies exist: to help your business identify and construct best business practices.

So how do you choose the right data analytics company to work with? We’ll give you a few tips.


Medium Cross-post – CodeIgniter 4 CRUD: Update

In some applications, data may never change. Yet, in others, data changes numerous times in its lifecycle. In SQL the UPDATE command changes existing rows of data. CodeIgniter 4 Models have 2 methods available for update operations: update() and save(). Continue reading and learn more about update()