CodeIgniter 4 anchor() URL Helper function

Here as of late, I’m leaning on every piece of built-in functionally of the CodeIgniter 4 framework I can. One I’ve been using a great deal is the anchor() URL helper function. Continue reading to learn more about this function…


Evaluating Security Risks of Databases in 2022

In 2021, we experienced the highest average total cost of data breaches across the globe: $4.24 million. Hacker attacks are getting more and more complex and sophisticated, and force businesses to bulletproof their database security standards. Data breaches and exposure leads to detrimental consequences and causes legal, financial, and reputational losses. Implementing regular and consistent database security checks will largely reduce the chances of a successful hacker attack. In this article, we will go over the main threats associated with database security, as well as learn how to evaluate database risks and remove them. Tips from a software development company with vast experience – inside. Keep reading

(more…) issue #3 – 5 MySQL String Functions You Should Know

Issue #3 of, the newsletter for PHP/MySQL developers, is now available. This is the deep-dive/featured piece edition, 5 MySQL String Functions You Should Know, and you don’t want to miss it…


Use MySQL to generate MySQL for Admin tasks

I recently learned how to use MySQL to generate MySQL statements for several admin-type Data Definition Language (DDL) SQL queries I needed to execute on the server. For many DBA’s this is likely nothing new and in fact, is a well-used tool in their kit. However, I mostly focus on developer-related tasks, so it is a fresh-in-my-mind learning experience. Continue reading for more information…