MySQL SELECT INTO Syntax Part 2 – Saving to OUTFILE with examples

Oftentimes, you need to save and export query results to a file for storage, reporting, or additional processing. Commonly, CSV file types are a great choice for portability among other reasons. This blog post will cover using MySQL SELECT INTO syntax to generate these types of files.

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DEFAULT Constraint in MySQL with examples.

Column DEFAULT values can play an important role in maintaining data integrity. In the event no value is provided for DML operations, the DEFAULT constraint can ‘pick up the slack’. While MySQL does support the DEFAULT column constraint, there are some nuances to be aware of. Want to explore and learn them with me? Let’s go!

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Determine secure-file-priv variable path in MySQL with these 2 commands.

Potentially, when running LOAD DATA INFILE or SELECT INTO OUTFILE commands in MySQL, you may be faced with a --secure-file-priv error… So what does this error mean in reference to reading and writing files? What location can you write to or load data from on your server? This blog post will show 2 easy commands to determine the location according to your install…

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